About us

"On my best days I try to be the best I can be.
On my worst days I just try to survive.
Life is usually in the middle." -- me

I am a computer scientist who hopes to one day figure out a better way to write software. I have been in the academia, co-authored a few papers, even co-authored a chapter in a computational molecular biology textbook! I have also worked in the corporate world, something that I did not like a lot. I also do not like what software development has become - a process of gluing together things poorly understood where interfaces are advertised to work but cannot be relied on to work perfectly in practice. Layer upon layer of faulty implementations result in interactions that quickly go astray.

I am currently on a sabbatical working on a completely different way to write software, one that involves "cells of code" that evolve beautifully, similarly to how an RNA virus might, for example.

For some reason life to me is all about cell-like entities bubble wrapped in  interfaces of 1s and 0s and affinities of these interfaces for each other, I see them everywhere, always have, it's like an obsession. For example, think about words in a language and how and why they get formed into sentences - what makes some words able to "bond" better or more frequently to other words. Think about how to quantify this "bonding quality", for example? How about a step further - generate and evolve these bonds and thus "create" sentences by a computer, sentences that maybe have meaning...

For those who are interested, here is my resume!