Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Why is Facebook REALLY buying Oculus

On the heels of this news - the REAL reason Facebook is buying Oculus is because Facebook knows that technology marches on and the VR world has the potential to kill Facebook. Think about it, Facebook is so 2D - flat posts, pictures, what I ate this morning (as if anyone cares). 3D and VR has the potential to change all that in ways unseen. Zuckenberg is either buying Oculus to jump in on that gravy train or to prevent someone else from acquiring the company and making Facebook obsolete in a new kind of a VR way. Either way, Facebook can only see upside with this acquisition, not downside. If Zuck decides to kill Oculus quietly, well, he killed the most advanced possible threat to Facebook's two-dimensional domination. If he doesn't kill it, imagine the scary world of 3D Virtual Reality Facebook EVERYWHERE.

Friday, March 07, 2014

Scalatra, Akka actors and default timeouts

This official Scalatra page claims that setting implicit val timeout = value seconds will set the time interval before the dreaded "Gateway Timeout" error to value seconds in your code. However, as of 2.2.2 this is NOT TRUE.

No matter what timeout is set to, Scalatra will kick out after 30 seconds - see why here.

In order to actually set the timeout to whatever value you need, add the code below to your Servlet

implicit val timeout:Timeout = 120 seconds
override implicit val asyncTimeout:Duration = 120 seconds