Monday, February 10, 2014

The way of doing things (or should I say the Apple way of doing things)?

Recently I procured an Apple Macbook Air through work, in addition to a nice Apple Display and an iPhone 5S. Nice and EXPENSIVE pieces of equipment!

 In any case, both the Mac and the iPhone advertise bluetooth. However, you cannot pair the two devices. Both advertise Airdrop but it turns out that you cannot use Airdrop to "drop" files between an iOS and a Mavericks devices, it only works iOS to iOS or Mavericks to Mavericks.

I have an Apple fanboi colleague at work who has drank the Apple coolaid, he had worked for Apple or supported Apple devices for the last 10 years and has a lot of shares of Apple stock. His response was that for me Apple sucks because I am used to doing things the "old school way". Apparently I am too old and retarded to use the new stuff.

His final suggestion, however, was iTunes which will sync via wi-fi. I told him that I do not want to use iTunes, I don't like the app. Then he suggested the Dropbox route. I said, "look, I just want to take ONE PHOTO and move it form the iPhone to the Mac and I don't want to involve the Cloud". I am still waiting for a reply...

Addendum: the reply arrived. I have been told to return the phone since for me (I am so special, right?) Apple tech will not work (like it does for the 100s of millions of people). So, we are back to blaming the user, no?

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