Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A (n ever growing) list of things that annoy me about the Mac

As a perk (or necessity) of  a new job, I had my employer buy me a new Macbook Air and an iPhone 5S. Here is a list of annoying things about the Apple "approach" so far.

1/ Waking up from sleep is a b*tch! If your Macbook (running Mavericks) falls asleep or you put it to sleep, waking it up on your wireless network may take a while. Sure, it shows it is connected but you can't get anywhere.

2/ Related to 1/ above - you can take a wireless hot-spot down but it may or may not still show up in the list of available wireless hotspots for a while, even though your Mac claims it has refreshed the list.

3/ Macbook Air claims it has AirDrop, iPhone 5S claims it has AirDrop but they cannot communicate with each other. Only iPhone to iPhone or Mac to Mac is allowed, even though they both run the same app. WTF?

4/ Macbook supports Bluetooth and iPhone supports bluetooth but you cannot pair the laptop to the phone. Microsoft much, Apple?

5/ The above two points mean that in order for you to move a few photos from your phone to your laptop (which may be sitting right next to your phone) you have the following choices: a) involved a cord (yuck! so 20th century), b) use iTunes over WiFi (why would I want to involve a massive app to move two photos) or c) use the Cloud (a round trip to the Internet and back to move a photo between a phone and a laptop that are literally two inches away?). I thought Apple was all about simplicity! Even on my old Android phone and Linux laptop I could do a Bluetooth transfer and solve the problem easily.

6/ If you have a Macbook attached to an Apple display via Thunderbolt, there is no predicting what will happen on hook-up and un-hooking of the two devices. One time my laptop just would not wake up anymore.

7/ In a situation where your Mac was attached to an Apple display via Thunderbolt and your laptop's lid is down (hence you are watching everything on the big display), you can plug in your headset into the laptop (since there are no jacks on the monitor) and it will happily ignore the headset. Either provide me with a jack on the monitor or do not ignore the jack on the headset.

I am sure there are more but I have only been playing with this for a few weeks now. Don't get me wrong, I like what Apple brings to the table, for the most part. What I do not like is the superiority approach that many Apple fanboys bring to the table, while happily forking thousands of dollars for an expensive piece of machinery that has its silly problems. In fact, one of my Apple fanboy friends told me that I am "too old school" to be using a Mac. Oh well.

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