Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Texas weather

So, we finally made the move to Texas (Austin area) in October 2011. Florida was rainy, wet etc. Texas had its biggest drought in 100+ years. Well, we moved here and guess what? It has been freaking raining almost every single day! 5+ inches and counting. I am so sick of this damn weather crap, it's not even funny... Actively wishing and thinking of going back to Florida, at least the ocean was close by...

Pissed off in Texas

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Nice introduction to GIT

These days knowing how to program and then knowing how to program in a certain language is paramount if you are a software engineer (obviously). Equally important is knowing how to use source versioning tools. Having a github account can almost serve as a resume for quite a few software shops. Thus, learning tools like Git and how to use websites like github optimally will increase your chances of employment...

Here is a nice Git introduction - tutorial...It is linked to from the beginner pages of github anyways ;)