Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Horse update

We have decided to seek 2nd opinions on both our horses. Coyote is not getting better and this Friday we will be in Ocala seeing vets more interested. We will be seeing Peterson and Smith in Ocala, FL.

Weather has been funny here in Palm Beach, cold front in April??? This morning it temps were actually down in the 40s?!

Garden is doing alright. I am really worried about my little man Coyote, don't want him to be put down over such a stupid thing as wound infection.


lizardking said...

Coyote is in our prayers brother. I hope you and Dacia find a better doctor.


Ognen Duzlevski said...

Thanks Cash! We found a better doctor (we think) - he is in Ocala, FL (about 240 miles) from here and will be having another surgery this Monday.