Tuesday, March 10, 2009

(Technology & Life) What to do?

I drive to work every day, about 45 min each way, an hour and a half a day. Monthly that results in about 30 hours, yearly about 360 hours or roughly 15 full days (4 %) of my life spent in the car. We are in the 21st century and we are still living a nomadic existence where time is spent on pointless tasks such as getting to work.

Here is my dream life: live on a property in the middle of nowhere, be energy independent, grow my own food and work on technological and scientific ideas that will really make a difference. So many people spend their lives doing meaningless things they hate, just to survive and have a life. To me, being energy independent and growing my own food would remove the reasons to have a job I don't care for and allow me to spend time with my family, my animals and think about things that are really important.

Clearly, the recipe for the above is to buy land somewhere cheap (rural), pay for it in cash and then build a home from the ground up without hiring contractors, unless absolutely necessary. Cutting out the middleman and doing things myself would make a huge difference in the cost. If the house has off-grid solar, has a well and septic and I grow my own food and there is no debt (no mortgage to pay monthly), then life is free and true independence is achieved. The day that happens, I will cancel all my credit cards and noone will hear from me again, until I am ready to reveal my new book or paper or the scientific idea that will be the mother of it all...

'Til then to all my brothers and sisters in chains, I only have to say: Strive to be independent and not someone's (banks, credit card companies, mortgage lenders....) monkey in training...


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