Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Update (Feb 3 2009)

Well, lots of stuff is happening these days. I upgraded one of my Nokia N800s to 32GB of RAM! Now I can store all the maps I need ;) and all the music and videos I ever wanted. Got a car mount for it too. Should be fun to use around on trips. I am trying to get my employer to add a data plan to the phone so I can connect to the Internet from anywhere.

I have also gotten my first programming gig as a contract programmer. Not bad pay too.

What else? Yeah, got a new truck! A nice 2006 GMC Sierra 2500 HD Diesel. It tows! It is all pimped out too, leather inside, nice wheels, tires, tinted with a spray in bedliner, 6 CD changer, On-star etc. I love it.

Dacia quit her job today. I say good for her. She needs to find something she really likes doing.

My parents are still in town, until March 27th. It has been a fun visit with its ups and downs but such is life with family.

It is tax filing season. Depressing.

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