Friday, January 30, 2009

Training Coyote (introduction)

Dacia and I adopted two horses, mine we call Coyote and her's is Flippee (photos). Coyote came to us emaciated and plain sick, fighting for dear life. Flippee was better but it turned out he has navicular disease. He now has special shoes to correct the issue. We hired a local trainer for three months where the horses boarded and her place and got training. We rode the horses on a local trail and around the neighborhood (photos). It is when I was bucked off Coyote that I realized that the horse needs real training. While our local trainer was alright, she did not have the expertise to do the real training. We turned to James Malcolm (website) as he is a John Lyons certified trainer. This blog will show our progress as we go through James' apprenticeship program training our horses and learning about them.

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