Friday, January 30, 2009

Training Coyote and Flippee - setback?

Coyote has been sick for the past few weeks. He has mucus and puss draining out of his right nostril. It seems like it is the same condition as a few months back. He looks miserable. On top of that last night I came into his stall to halter him and he just wouldn't have it. I was retty disappointed. The bigger setback came today: the vet and Dacia were scoping him out in his stall and he suddenly went from his relaxed self to a rearing, pawing and kicking maniac in a matter of seconds! I am wondering if he learned that it is OK now to paw and kick at people to get out of situations.

One thing I did not mention about Coyote is that he has an ear pinning problem. He will see you coming and pin his ears. You will call him, he will come to you and he will have his ears pinned. Feeding time? Ears pinned. Riding time? Ears pinned. So, a horse like that kicking and pawing is not a good thing. We will see.

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